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Landscape / Architectural Photographer

My passion for photography started off as a hobby back in my younger years and would spend a lot of time photographing buildings. As I've progressed over the years I've had the awesome opportunity to photograph some of the most beautiful landscapes on the west coast such as Yosemite National Park, Mount St. Helens and the coasts of California and Oregon. Though I own a digital camera I still love my Mamiya medium format camera and still shoot film. I eventually progressed to capturing more professional images, which may be seen in National Geographic. Now based in Santa Cruz, California, I offer my services as a photographer and sell images to any client through Living Light Photography.

My passion for Art and Architecture

After over 20 years in the industry, I have developed an appreciation for manmade and natural landscapes. Art and architecture have become my passion. I constantly find myself capturing images of buildings utilizing different angles and focal points. As a very creative person, I desire to bring out the beauty in the architecture all around us through delivering awe-inspiring photographs that everyone will love seeing.