All the Right Angles

Living Light Photography

Architectural Photography

Armand K. Williams, Professional Photographer

I'm a professional photographer here in Santa Cruz California. I specialize in landscape and architectural photography. The services that I offer through Living Light Photography in Santa Cruz, California are special in that I have a unique vision when it comes to photographing the structures and landscapes around me. I utilize lighting and angles in the most inimitable ways. The result is a beautiful photograph that will please anyone’s eyes.

Pictures Used Anyway You Want

All of my work may be purchased for home or business. My services as a photographer are also available for brochures. Rest assured my images will be perfect for whatever style you desire. I offer acrylic face mounts, metal, canvas wraps. Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders. 

Mission Statement

Denver, Colorado

My goal is to let the world discover nature’s most inspiring moments through the photographs that I have taken. I have the curiosity needed to observe the world in a unique perspective and to keep on exploring and photographing all those that are worth preserving forever. In the end, my mission is to reconnect humanity with creation, and to inspire people of all ages to always look for something special in the ordinary.